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A View From the Couch – Whose in left?

No, this is not a blog about the famous Abbott and Costello routine. This question is posed to the Blue Jays organization. Looking over the roster, the Jays seem pretty set in position players and who will be starting opening day:

Catcher- J.P. Arencibia
First Base- Adam Lind
Second Base- Kelly Johnson
Third Base- Brett Lawrie
Shortstop- Yunel Escobar
Right Field- Jose Bautista
Center Field- Colby Rasmus
Left Field- Ben Francisco/Rajai Davis/Eric Thames/Travis Snider/Edwin Encarnacion

One of these positions doesn’t belong. As of today, General Manager Alex Anthopoulos said that Travis Snider and Eric Thames will battle for the starting spot. This may be the last chance for Snider to prove to Toronto he can be a consistent big league, as Thames was impressive last year.

However, AA always has an ace up his sleeve and the recent rumours linking Oakland starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez to Toronto may have has something to do with the Francisco trade.

With the addition of a veteran and World Series champion like Francisco to be a utility outfielder, it gives AA the opportunity to include Thames and/or Snider to land the coveted lefty from the Athletics while still having depth at the position.

The Athletics and Jays share a similar philosophy in how to build teams, through drafts and young players at good contracts that the organization can control. If the Jays are indeed talking to Oakland, personally I would prefer them to include Snider, who in this case may just need a change of scenery, and keep the better skilled Thames in left.

Snider may be a big prospect to give up, but the return of getting one of the best pitchers in the American League, and with a favourable contract, would make the deal worth it.

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4 thoughts on “A View From the Couch – Whose in left?

  1. Nick Hansen Reply

    I’m big on Thames and I sure hope they move Snider for something. He has had lots of opportunities and I think he has more then run out of them. He needs a fresh start as much as the Jays need to move him. I think Edwin is a lock at DH so that leaves Francisco and Thames to platoon, Rajai may be fast but I don’t think he should be part of regular rotation if they are going to win games. Not to mention AA pointed out Kelly Johnson is capable of playing some innings out in LF.

  2. Coach56 Reply

    Looks like lotsa trade bait.
    Not to mention the report about Minor League system depth.

  3. MacChise Reply

    I would take snider gone to have Gio on the roster in a second. If they can get Gio and land Darvish, there starting pitching would be alot stronger to contend.

  4. Coach56 Reply

    Snider is still intriguing. Tired hearing of his 40 Dinger potential though. Rather see 40 doubles driven to all fields. Kinda hard when he tries to pull everything. Do or die time for him this year.

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