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Echoes From 527: Game 6, 20 Years Later


I was only 6 years old on October 23rd, 1993. Like many Canadian boys at that time , I cared for few things outside of plain cheese Pizza, Power Rangers and Blue Jays baseball.

1993 was a unique season as it was the first year where I truly lived and died with every pitch. Like many, ’92 caught my attention, laying my roots as a baseball fan. With the seed planted, ’93 was when I truly started understanding what was going on.

It was a summer spent not only playing baseball but also glued to a television or the small transistor radio my grandparents had stashed away in their garage, used only when they held their weekly yard sale’s. This radio, although it stopped working years ago, now sits atop my glass case that houses some of my more cherished Blue Jays items.

Despite the fact that my memory is fuzzy, I can recall certain aspects of tat season as if they had happened yesterday. Elements such as Juan Guzman’s dominance, WAMCO, .363 and of course, the one moment that solidified my love for this team… Joe Carter’s 9th inning Home Run, an event that made me leap off the couch only to come inches away from putting a hole in my parents living room ceiling with my head.

Now, 20 years later, we can reflect on exactly what that season meant to us as Blue Jays fans. Toronto was on top, untouchable and nothing short of iconic in the sporting world.

We were the bad guys.

For those feeling nostalgic, below, in it’s entirety, is the CBS broadcast of that World Series clinching game 6 between the Phillies and your Toronto Blue Jays.

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One thought on “Echoes From 527: Game 6, 20 Years Later

  1. Sean Reply

    Thanks for this story, watching that home run still gives me goose bumps and brings a tear of joy to my eye. I can honestly say we used to replicate that shot on the little league diamond in High Park for years.
    Hope we can one day return to those glory years.

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