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My Top 5 Blue Jays of All Time

Who’s your all time favourite Blue Jay?

What does it take for a fan to claim that particular player as their favourite?  Was it a special moment in franchise history or a dominant career that makes this player stand out to you?  Maybe it was a time you were lucky enough to meet him in public or stood in line for hours at an autograph signing.

If you ask me, it’s an easy answer…

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5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Blue Jays of All Time

  1. Coach56 Reply

    Mothers Pizza…lol
    I remember

  2. Coach56 Reply

    How about some props for Tom Henke? Kelly Gruber? George (before your time)Bell?
    Nice list…hard to pick just 5.

  3. Big Stick Reply

    What about the Crime Dog? Great years with the Jays, maybe even a borderline HoF candidate and a SWEET moustache…

  4. Nick Hansen Reply

    Nothing wrong with McGriff! It seems a large part of our ‘older’ fan base feels the same way lol

  5. RMJays Reply

    Do I even need to ask where Rance is?

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