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Echoes From 527: Believe The Hype


Here we are at the dawn of another season, a clean slate that promises to be one of the most exciting years of Blue Jays baseball since the early 90′s.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Blue Jays come in to the season as the darlings of Toronto sports having survived nearly a decade of poor attendance ratings and weak fan support.

For those of you that have stuck with this team, I commend your perseverance and dedication to a team that you fell in love with so long ago. Congratulations, we deserve this.

For me, I was captivated by pair of World Series titles as a child. Of course back in 1992 it was trendy to be a fan of this team as nearly every kid on my block was playing some form of baseball and emulating their hero’s as they stepped up to the plate pretending to be Roberto Alomar and company.

As I matured, my love for this team and the game of Baseball grew along side me until the point of near infatuation. In a natural form of rebellion, I distanced myself from the game when I began High School as my attentions were placed elsewhere in life.

At the time of my departure, the Blue Jays were in the midst of 6 straight 3rd place finishes and were relatively unheard from in social circles. The hype that once surrounded the Blue Jays was gone as they had began to gracefully fall out of popularity.

Thanks in no small part to my mother, who painstakingly clipped newspaper articles and left the score of the game written on scrap pieces of paper for me when I returned home from the night shift, my love for the game was rekindled in the 2005 season.

After reacquainting myself with the game, I picked up right where I had left off a near 6 years earlier as my passion began to return. Since then, I have once again became captivated by this pastime and team.

For those of you that know me, you know that I fly the Blue Jays flag with a lot of pride as rarely am I caught at home or in public with out some form of Blue Jays gear in tow. In the past, this has lead to jokes and the odd comment here and there about Canada’s lone MLB club.

Over the past couple of seasons, things have began to change. Nearly everywhere I go, I’m greeted with stories, insight or questions about this team as it has become apparent that the Blue Jays are returning to popularity.

Initially, I met this movement with some reserve as like Matt Ross points out in his post, I felt as if I was a part of something different  Something that made me  unique for following a team that was far from being a contender.

That feeling has faded and been replaced with an overwhelming sense of pride for an organization that has appeared to turn the corner in its venture to once again return to the spotlight.

The Blue Jays have become a trend not only in Toronto, but all of Canada and the timing couldn’t be better as a window has opened itself up in the AL East.

If the Blue Jays can win, one has to believe that this team can return to the heights of popularity it once owned during the dynasty years.

All said, its a great time to be a Blue Jays fan, ain’t it?


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