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BIB Blog: Five Things That Will Happen

As we countdown the minutes until R.A. Dickey flutters his first knuckleball across home plate inside the Skydome, I decided to take a look into my crystal ball to see how the 2013 Blue Jays will fare. Since I’m a nice guy, I will tell you 5 things that will happen.

Morrow Emerges as the Ace
Beginning the season as the 2nd man in the rotation Brandon Morrow will finally emerge as the ace of the pitching staff. After getting knocked around and being credited with the loss in his first start against Cleveland, Morrow will go on a run of 11 straight victories including 3 complete games. After starting the All-Star game he will find himself struggling in the month of August only to make a late run at the Cy Young Award, finishing with a 19-6 record but coming up a few votes short in the end.

Lind an All-Star?
Nope. But Lind surprisingly comes out of the gate as the hottest player on the Blue Jays. He puts all the doubts and haters behind him as he proves that he can handle left-handed pitching enough that he doesn’t need a full-time platoon partner. He will find himself in the thick of things as far as first basemen go on the All-Star team but will ultimately come up short in his bid due to the numbers game. Feeling the need to prove himself even more in the second half of the season Lind will finish the year with a .291/.333/.527 slash line.

Ricky Stuck in the Minors
Due to a Blue Jays pitching staff that doesn’t get hit with the injury bug throughout the first half of the season, Ricky Romero will find himself stuck in the minors. But that’s not the only reason. Ricky will continue to battle himself and need a month in A ball before moving up to AA and eventually AAA. He will finally get his break due to an injury on the staff and make his long awaited return on August 9th vs. the Oakland Athletics.

Rasmus on the Move
Once again Colby Rasmus will find himself not fitting in with a club that is making a move towards a pennant race. Although he puts up honest numbers throughout the first two months of the season General Manager Alex Anthopoulos receives an offer that he can’t refuse. AA jumps at the first chance to move Rasmus knowing that Anthony Gose has torn up AAA and is waiting in the wings.

Home Run King Returns
Jose Bautista will put all the questions behind him right from the start with a 2-run home run in his very first at-bat. He finishes Opening Day with 2 home runs and goes on a tear in April. Although he will find himself in a race for the lead come the end of August he somehow smashes 13 home runs in September to secure the home run crown. Finishing with a career high 57 round-trippers.

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  1. Pauk Reply

    I like it. Jose wwon’t hit 50 if he continues to take strikes and whines when they are called such.
    Rasmus is trade bait to me. Not enough contact.

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