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Blue Jay of the Week!

Welcome to the inaugural post for my Blue Jay of the Week!  Every week I will choose this player based on different things, it may be his performance on the field or now during the off-season it could be his performance on Twitter.  The work they put in for their communities and the work they put in to prepare for games will also be considered.  My ‘week’ will consist of the previous Friday through Thursday with my new unveiling on Fridays!  Enjoy as we watch the players battle it out for top spot!

From Dec.2 – Dec.8

My first ever Blue Jay of the Week goes to…. JOSE BAUTISTA! (@JoeyBats19)

I really debated over this one because I felt like it was the easy decision to name Jose Bautista.  At first I had another Blue Jay in this spot but after a Twitter conversation between JP Arencibia, Brett Lawrie, Ricky RomeroKyle Drabek and Brandon Morrow, it is quite evident who the man is in the Blue Jays clubhouse.

With the others referring to Bautista as ‘Papa Smurf’ and the ‘King’ the respect is obvious amongst his peers.  Arencibia, Lawrie, Romero and Drabek were going back and forth about a ‘car ride’ and Bautista chimed in claiming ‘shotgun’.  Romero responded to that with “you are the king right?” and Drabek appropriately accepted his position in the trunk, it was entertaining to follow.

Throw in the fact that Bautista is the reigning home run king by setting the all-time single season record for the Blue Jays, during this off-season he is well deserving to be my first ever Blue Jay of the Week!

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One thought on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. Coach56 Reply

    No doubt about it, good choice for #1.
    Jose just had arguably the greatest back to back individual seasons of any Jay ever. Can’t count cheater Clemens back to back Triple Crowns.

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