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View from the Couch: Blue Jays Wishes and Resolutions


We are in the season where children provide their Christmas “wish list” and adults make resolutions for the New Year and also make “wish lists.” With that being said, lets take a sneak peek on what may be on your favourite Jays “wish list” and what their resolution may be.

 Mark Buehrle

Wish: A seamless transition back to the American League after a year in Miami.

Resolution: To find a way to bring his pet pit bull to Ontario.

Josh Johnson

W: To never have someone mistakenly call him “Josh Towers.”

R: To stay healthy and return to his previous all-star form.

Jose Reyes

W: That the Rogers Centre converts to natural grass to save his knees.

R: To continue to be one of the best all-around shortstops in the game and have fans chant “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose” for him as well.

Jose Bautista

W: That the changes made to the roster give him a shot to make the playoffs for the first time.

R: To again dominate and maintain the best home-run-bat-flip stare in all of baseball.

Brett Lawrie

W: To pick his aggressive spots and not throw helmets at umpires.

R: When faced with adversity, think “Serenity Now!”

J.A. Happ

W: To have people call him “J.A. Happ,” not “Jay Happ.”

R: Solidify the #5 spot and learn from veterans Buehrle and Romero.

Brad Lincoln

W: That his season is as good as great as the movie “Lincoln.”

R: Maintain the momentum from the 2012 season. And avoid going to plays.

Melky Cabrera

W: That the next time he takes steroids, make sure the web site is more legit.

R: Prove to the doubters that his good seasons were not a fluke. And take a “Web Site Design” course.

 Colby Rasmus

W: That people never bring up the cornrows.

R: Spend more time in the batting cage and focus on making contact and raising the average then in the hair salon.

Alex Anthopoulos

W: That his moves pay off and the playoffs become a reality.

R: Make wish happen and tell reporters “King Kong aint got sh*t  on me.”

Rogers Communications

W: That the money they have been unwilling to spend for years brings in even more money for them.

R: Raise beer prices to compensate for increased payroll.


W: Playoffs, cheaper beer, some Saturday night games.

R: Boo John Farrell at every opportunity.

That is a list I had the privilege of seeing and thought as my gift to you I would share it. I hope all of you have a happy holidays and a great new year.

2013: Year of the BJ’s!

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