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Jays Listed – Blue Jays Christmas gift list

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With 14 shopping days left until Christmas time is quickly ticking down for last minute shoppers. If you’ve got a Blue Jays fan on your gift list you may be looking for a few gift ideas. If you are the Jays fan on someone’s gift list you already received a few early presents from Alex Anthopoulos, but that only means you need more Jays gear to prepare for the upcoming season.

If you are perplexed with what to get the Jays fan on your list we here at Back in Blue are ready to help with our Jays Listed 2012 Blue Jays Christmas list. No matter how much you want to spend or how much you want to buy you should find at least one thing on this list to make your Jays fan’s holiday a good one. And, if you are a Jays fans looking to drop a few hints be sure to post this list to your Facebook or Tweet it to all your friends. Here we go…


If who you’re buying for is a big Jays fans they probably already have at least a few jerseys hanging in their closet. However, after all of the recent moves AA has made there a number of new names they could put on their back this season. Maybe it’s time to pick up a Jose Reyes jersey, or maybe they’d prefer to rock a Josh Johnson jersey. A few other new options include Mark Buehrle, Melky Cabrera and Emilio Bonifacio. The key is to find out which player’s jersey your Jays fans really wants. Here are a few tricks to find out without totally giving it away. First, casually drop into the conversation the big trade somehow. For example the other day Josh Johnson showed up on Twitter sporting some Jays gear for the first time. A line like “I see Josh Johnson’s following Jose Reye and putting on some Jays gear.” Now you have a way in to find out which new player your fan really likes. Or, you could avoid that and just buy a jersey for the whole 25-man roster!


You can never have enough Blue Jays hats. I have 19 and I’m nowhere near done yet. Buying hats can be tricky though if you’re looking for a fitted hat. The thing about fitted hats is they’re not all created equal. Let me explain. I have three different fitted hats and they all fit in their own way. The weird part is that they’re all different sizes. The really weird part is that the hat with the biggest measurement is not the biggest fit. You could try and guess the size, but if the person you’re buying for has a huge melon head or if they have the head of a five-year-old on a man’s body (like yours truly) it’s not easy. Even if you look at a fitted hat they already have and buy the same size there’s no guarantee it will be the same fit. So, if you buy a fitted hat for someone this Christmas make sure you keep the receipt.

Now that we’ve gone over the predicament of fitted hat sizes, let’s look at a few hats. Since most Blue Jays likely reside in Canada they’ll experience the long, cold northern winter. In fact it’s actually snowing right now while I’m writing this. If you want to support the Jays while also keeping your ears from falling off from the cold may I recommend the following hats.


You may have to go on a hunt to find these hats, because right now the only place I can find them available is the US version of the Blue Jays shop. Seriously, the winter weather Jays hats are available on the US Jays shop, but not the Canadian one. I’m sure they’re huge sellers in the southern US.

Car accessories:

If you wanted to you could turn your car or truck into the Blue Jays mobile there’s so many Blue Jays car accessories out there. I won’t list all of them, but here are a few pieces to pick up to let everyone else stuck in traffic know you support the right team. Think about it. Who would you be more likely to let squeeze into traffic. Someone with a Blue Jays sticker on their car, or someone with a Yankees or Red Sox license plate?

Bumper sticker

The cheapest and one of the oldest car accessories is of course the bumper sticker. Looking for a cheap stocking stuffer? Well, here you go.

Car Mats

I just bought some new car mats a few weeks ago and never thought to look for some Jays mats. Although, now that I think about it, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to wipe my feet on a Yankees logo no?

Family decals

To tell you the truth I’m not a big fan of these family decals that everyone has on the back window of their minivan these days. However, if you’re going to do it you might as well use these Blue Jays decals.

Random items and some weird stuff:

Crocs: If you got to wear crocs please wear these one. Or, don’t wear crocs.

Party supplies: Aint’ no party like a Blue Jays fan party!

Yes, that is a Blue Jays jersey napkin.

Shot glasses: Many Jays fans could have used these for Christmas last year to help them get through the sometimes painful 2012 season. The one on the left is the official surviving Francisco Cordero shot glass, while the other was for taking a shot every time a Jays player was injured. I think the arm injuries alone were enough to give a person alcohol poisoning.

Watches: You’ll always know when it’s game time when you’re wearing these great Blue Jays watches! I feel like that should be the intro for the next item up for bid on the Price is Right.

Blue Jays garden flag
: This is really what this product is called. For the gardening Blue Jay fan on your list there’s this hanging garden flag. No one will ever steal your crops and no right-minded animal will dig in your garden if they know you’re a Jays fan.

Cases for you mobile device: You wouldn’t believe how many different Blue Jays themed cases and covers there are for mobile devices. I could have literally filled this page with them. If anyone wants to get me a Blue Jays mobile device case could they slip a Samsung Galaxy S III into it?

Blue Jays LED Wine stopper: Remember the last time you had a half empty bottle of wine and you wished you had a Blue Jays themed wine stopper to put in it? Neither do I, but because someone out there demanded it here’s a Blue Jays LED light up wine stopper.

Got money?

This is the got money section for all you gift givers that like to spend the big bucks when buying gifts at Christmas.

Blue Jays Man Cave:

If you wanted to you could make an entire room, or man cave if you will, completely filled with Blue Jays stuff. You can start with the floor by walking all over this Blue Jays carpet. Sure, it’s the old logo, but that’s all I could find so far.

Next fill it full of games with these Blue Jays billiard balls for you pool table and this Blue Jays dartboard set. You can also light up the pool table with Blue Jays overhead lamps.

There are tons of Blue Jays posters and wall hangs out there, but this one was my favorite and would be a great way to cover that hole in the wall you’ve never gotten around to plastering over.

Lastly, you need something to cover those windows right? I think these will do.

Tickets, tickets, tickets:

If you’re in the Toronto area or planning on being there sometime during the 2013 season tickets make a great gift. If you can swing it seasons tickets are the best way to go. Not only do get great value, you get to go to every home game of the season. Season tickets in the 500 level are only $635.85, which is $7.85 per game. If you’ve got really deep pockets you can get season tickets in the “In the Action Seats” right behind home plate, but it will cost you $16,200.

If season tickets don’t work for you, you can also get flex packs for 10, 15 or 40 games. If you want some suggestions on a few games that your fan might like to attend here are a few. The game at the top of my list to attend would be July 21 against the Rays when they’ll induct Carlos Delgado into the Level of Excellence. Here are a few other notable games to get in the flex pack:

Opening day: April 2 vs. Cleveland
John Farrell’s return to Toronto: April 5 vs. Boston
Edwin Encarnacion bobble head day: April 21 vs. NY Yankees
Reigning World Series champs: May 14: vs. San Francisco
Canada Day: July 1 vs. Detroit
J.P. Arencibia bobble head day: July 7 vs. Minnesota
Mr. Sub Cooler Bag day: July 28 vs. Houston
Brett Lawrie bobble head day: August 8 vs. Oakland
Final regular season home game: Sept. 29 vs Tampa Bay

For special Blue Jay fans you can also pick up some really old tickets as souvenirs. You may not have been able to go to the first-ever Blue Jays game in 1977 (I wasn’t even born yet), but you can still get a ticket from the game thanks to eBay. I found this ticket from opening day on eBay.


What makes this ticket even more fun is that it was never used. Take a close look. The portion the ticket-taker was supposed to tear off is still attached. Because of this it would also be nice to pair that ticket with one of these items…

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. One other thing you might want to ask Santa for is a World Series title in 2013. I’ll settle for a playoff appearance though.

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