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Melk, it does your body good!

The most common used phrase this week?  ”It’s a good time to be a Blue Jays fan!”

It has been confirmed that the Blue Jays have signed Melky Cabrera to a 2-year, $16 million contract.

Before being suspended for 50 games in 2012 for testing positive to PED’s Melky led the National League with a .346 batting average.

You can slot him in as the everyday left fielder and you can pencil him in as the new number 2 hitter, two things I never thought I would say.  Melky gives the team 4 switch hitters (Cabrera, Reyes, Bonifacio and Izturis) and guarantees that Rajai Davis will be coming off the bench.

This leaves me with two questions.  Who will be the manager and is the number 5 starter even on the roster yet?

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