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Blue Jay of the Week!

Time to catch up with the times!  As discussed on BIB38 we have a new Blue Jay of the Week!


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Paul Beeston! (Team President)


Last week was a busy one for the President of the Toronto Blue Jays and that’s why he was my Blue Jay of the Week!  With the leader of the team in the media so much it usually means something not-so-good has happened and that was partially the case this week but Beeston had some good news to announce as well.

Let’s start with what was clearly the biggest news of the week and that’s the Yunel Escobar eyeblack controversy.  By now everybody knows what happened, it’s been well publicized but did you catch what Beeston had to say about it on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt?

Here are some quotes from Paul Beeston followed by my thoughts…

“… apparently it was about 6 o’clock when this was on the, uh, on the tweets…”

I’m already sold that this will be an amazing interview.

“I am telling you this is a Blue Jays suspension, we certainly worked with Major League Baseball to tell them what we were gonna do. This is our decision, this is nobody else’ decision.  Do you want to go further than that?  I will take responsibility for it.  I’m the CEO and I will take responsibility for the decision that was made for the 3 game suspension.”

It’s great to see someone step up and take responsibility for something.  After hearing Yunel tell the world that a word he wrote on his face has no meaning and John Farrell denying their is an underlying problem in professional locker room’s it was great to see someone acknowledge something and take responsibility for it.

As for the 3 game suspension?  It wasn’t enough!  I’ve heard the reasoning that based on other past suspensions 3 games is fair but I didn’t expect it to be anything less than 5.  I know it’s not a big difference to some but it would hurt him a little more in the bank account and this is certainly a crime that warranted a 5 game suspension (if not more) in my opinion.

“I am satisfied that nobody saw it or if they saw it didn’t study what the writing was.  And I think we can all be guilty of certain things…”

I can’t believe this to be true, somebody had to have noticed it.  The amount of people that Yunel crosses paths with in the clubhouse, dugout and on the field leads me to believe that it must have been noticed.  Apparently he put them on 10 minutes before the game so maybe he didn’t come in contact with a lot of people but I think that’s an easy cover.

What exactly does that last part mean?  Sure we can all be guilty of certain things but the rest of his point didn’t really shed any light on what he was saying.  Does he think that someone is guilty of noticing it, realizing what it meant and not bothering to suggest that Yunel not wear it?  It seems that way to me and I would even bet that Beeston knows who or what people let it slide.

“… someone took a photo and when they were blowing up the photo, that’s how they looked at it.”

Something like that.

“Am I happy with what happened?  Absolutely, without question no.  It’s a black mark on the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club.  One of the lowest in all of our history….. this was a classic error in judgement that is un- we cannot defend it but what is the number? Is the number 3 games?  Is it 5 games?  Is it 10 games?”

I can’t disagree with this part of the statement at all and if anyone knows the highs and lows of the Blue Jays history, it’s Mr. Paul Beeston.  He continued this statement saying that some fans called in questioning why the team even suspended him.

“Because we’re going to set a standard and we’re going to learn from this and there is going to be a huge advantage to us in the future by being sensitive and this organization will go forward much stronger than we started out with on Saturday morning.

I know they’ve set a standard but it’s not the standard I would have set.  With that said I’m sure if another player tries to pull off a similar stunt it will be met with much greater consequences.  The ol’ “fool me once/fool me twice” has got to apply if someone thinks they can get away with anything here on out.

“… cannot accept this behaviour, it doesn’t matter when it happens.  So it doesn’t matter when it happens, it makes it I suspect, marginally worse.”

This was in response to whether or not it was any greater of an offense that it occurred on a Jr. Jays Saturday of all days.  I don’t know how much worse it makes it but it certainly makes Yunel look like more of an idiot.

“Don’t blame the clubhouse, leadership starts at the top.  I would like to think that this incident alone is not an incident that would say that the whole place is lacking leadership and has bad morals and bad values.”

I see what he is getting at but I think you can blame the clubhouse on this one.  At the time everyone questioned why Omar Vizquel didn’t step in and stop him from appearing like that but once a microphone got into the clubhouse it was Omar who was defending him more than any of the other players.  This makes me think that multiple people were aware of what he was doing.

“They may share it but it ends with me and I don’t think these are multiple incidents, if we have more incidents to talk about then I think we have a systematic problem.  I don’t know them so I don’t believe that.”

He acknowledges that others may share some of the blame but I love to see him step up and take the bullet for the franchise.  I definitely don’t think the team has any problems in the clubhouse, this has got to be a single bonehead mistake.  That’s if he hasn’t done it more than once before it got noticed.

“It’s on me, I wasn’t there and I should’ve been there.”

First thing I thought when I saw the press conference was – “Where’s the Beest?”.  I agree, he should have been present.

“… I would say we can also work with him.  Make him a better person, make our organization a better person and make the city a better place.”

I don’t doubt this but it doesn’t change my mind one bit, Escobar has got to go.  I’ve believed this for most of the season and at times have been swayed into thinking it was better for the organization to keep him and his team friendly contract.  Now?  At this point I say screw it, Adeiny Hechavarria is improving daily and Yunel has ruffled too many Blue Jays fans feathers.

“Heeya ha ha!”

The conversation ends just as strong as it started with Beeston letting out a hearty laugh, it makes me chuckle everytime.

So where is the good stuff?  Weeellllll…. the Blue Jays inked a 2 year deal with the Buffalo Bisons to be their AAA affiliate but that’s news for another time and another blog.  Right now it’s all about Beeston standing up for his team and city and that’s why he’s my Blue Jay of the Week!


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