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Echoes From 527: Tu Ere…


I’m sure that most of you have heard about the controversy surrounding the Blue Jays clubhouse and Yunel Escobar following Sundays game vs Boston.

Originally, I was going to pass on doing a post about this subject but seeing as the issue has appeared to take on a life of its own, I figured that I would throw my opinion into the mix.

First of all let me express how much respect I have for @james_in_to regarding his decision to post the original picture and his personal opinion on the matter. It takes a lot of courage for a fan to openly question and bring to light such a disturbing subject regarding the team that they have supported for years. The flak that he has received over his post is simply uncalled for.

As for Escobar, I buy into Hayhurst’s theory when it comes to practical jokes and vulgarity in the clubhouse.

As a ballplayer myself, I have spent a considerable amount of time around other guys in a “clubhouse” environment. I have seen practical jokes take place, plotted them myself and have been in conversations regarding things that shouldn’t leave the bench.

Movies like “Bull Durham” and “Major League” do a pretty good job of capturing what goes on in a clubhouse from both a vulgar and comical side. If you haven’t seen these classics, i suggest picking them up.

The term “Boys will be boys” comes to mind when thinking about this situation. By no means do I believe that anyone involved was purposely attacking any group of individuals by writing ” Tu ere maricon” on Escobar’s equipment.  Instead, I believe that it was simply a prank that was played on the 29 year old who is known for putting various sayings on his eye black.

Unfortunately I think that the prank was taken too far when Escobar opted to wear the vandalized gear out on the field, jokingly or not.

That being said, by no means is this an acceptable or excusable situation regardless of the explanation that will come with it and appropriate measures should be taken in the wake of Sundays events.

Sadly, I see this becoming  the latest cache of ammunition used by “fans” of the Blue Jays against Escobar who is in the midst of a disappointing season with Toronto in 2012.

Escobar, who hits free agency in 2014, came to Toronto with the stigma of being a difficult player to deal with. A player with a “bad attitude” who can turn out to be a cancer amongst his fellow ball players.

Are we beginning to see this or is his attitude, hustle and over all play simply a factor of having a sub par season at the dish? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

A Presser is scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon from Yankee Stadium where the Blue Jays square off vs the Yankees at 7:05 tonight. Luis Rivera, John Farrell. Alex Anthopoulos and Yunel Escobar will be available for comment on the situation.



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One thought on “Echoes From 527: Tu Ere…

  1. Workaholicito Reply

    C’mon it was funny, plus who’s to say, he wasn’t calling the guy accross from him a mari… HAHAHA, thats a bold, yet typical encroachment move in baseball, with all the slander and name calling that comes from fanatics in the stands and the rest of the players, having it written in your face just makes it funny. A better question would follow with where are the gay and homosexual baseball teams or groups in the world of sports? Answer: there are none, so comparing a “maricon” or “faggot” in baseball would simply be the reverse slur acsertained by the view of the gay culture if a gay man went to a baseball game and called the men on the feild a bunch of straight asswhole players who play well…….

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