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Blue Jay of the Week!

The Blue Jay of the Week almost came down to the last man standing as this week featured injuries to both Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie.


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Adam Lind! (1B)

| 9 hits | 2 runs | 1 hr | 6 rbi | 2 bb | .450 avg | .500 obp |

Some fans are still having trouble accepting the return of Adam Lind to the big league roster but Blue Jays fans should consider themselves lucky he has earned his spot back.

Many, including myself had had enough by the time May 16th rolled around and Adam Lind was carrying a .186 batting average everywhere he went.  Alex Anthopoulos seemed to have enough as well as he put Lind on waivers, who proceeded to clear and board a plane to Las Vegas and AAA.  125 at-bats later with a .396 batting average in the PCL and Lind earned his trip back to Blue Jays.

Since his return at Fenway Park on June 25th he has shown great improvement bashing 5 home runs and 15 rbi while posting a .323 batting average.  Those numbers have pushed him back into the heart of the order and that was before Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie were injured.

I lobbied earlier in the season for John Farrell to move Adam Lind down into the 8th spot of the order and much to my delight he obliged.  Now the team finds themselves 2/3 short of the top half of the order.  The only option is to have Lind move back into the cleanup spot and I’m good with that decision, he’s earned it with 9 hits this week.

The Blue Jays have a huge series coming up at Fenway Park this weekend and it very well could be make or break on the season, let’s hope the Blue Jay of the Week can become the leader that this team needs.

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