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Blue Jay of the Week!


Another week means another Blue Jay of the Week but who could it be this week?


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Edwin Encarnacion! (@Encadwin)

| 8 hits | 7 runs | 2 hr | 6 rbi | 5 bb | .308 avg |

Edwin Encarnacion is an All-Star.  There, I said it!

Combined with Jose Bautista he is quickly becoming part of the most feared 3-4 combo’s in the game as they have combined for 48 home runs and 116 runs batted in.

All year fans have debated back and forth whether or not Alex Anthopoulos will extend EE’s contract or if he would be sent off in a trade for a couple of prospects.  I am firmly on the side of signing Edwin to a long term deal because we need a bat like his to support Bautista’s in the heart of the order.  Some wonder what has taken Edwin this long to break out but when you look a little deeper you see that he is at the same ripe age of 29 that JoeyBats was during his breakout season.

Looking like a new slimmer man this year Edwin has displayed his full arsenal of skills on the diamond whether it be his much improved glove on the defensive side or his new found speed on the base paths.

Encarnacion leads the team in batting average (excluding Cooper’s 66 at-bats), OBP, slugging percentage, OPS and is second in hits, runs scored, doubles, home runs, rbi’s.  Dig a little deeper and he is third in the walk and stolen base categories also which means he is among the top 3 on the team in virtually every offensive statistic.

With all of that said I bring you back to my first point, Edwin Encarnacion is an All-Star!  He needs to represent the Blue Jays in Kansas City and he is more than deserving.

I truly believe it won’t be his first appearance if he gets the opportunity because 2012 is the first of many great seasons for EE and with that will come many more Blue Jay of the Weeks!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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