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Blue Jay of the Week!


Another week, another Blue Jay. Who’s it going to be?


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Colby Rasmus! (CF)

| 9 hits | 3 hr | 6 rbi | 5 runs | 1 sb | .333 avg |

Before we get started here, I need you to take another look at the image above.  Colby Rasmus could not be any happier in the pic and Blue Jays fans across the world should get used to it.

I’ve heard it all this season about Colby.  He’s too lazy, he doesn’t hustle, he is this and that.  One thing is for sure and that is I’ve heard more than enough of it.

It may not have been his prettiest week on the defensive side of things as he did miss a couple of balls that are usually reserved for slo-pitch players to be missing but let’s focus on his bat for a minute.

A month ago when Colby came to the plate I would have put money on him taking first pitch hack which would most likely result in a ground out to the second baseman.  Nowadays he approaches the plate with more confidence and rips line drives to all fields.  It seems Rasmus is much more comfortable now than he was when he came from the St. Louis Cardinals last season and even this past Spring Training.

His recent move up in the order has proven to be a good move and it’s hard to argue that he isn’t the best outfielder we’ve had since the one and only Devon White.

Hopefully fans stay on the bandwagon because they will soon find themselves injured from jumping on and off so often, Colby has the tools of a big league ball player and those tools are starting to show on a more consistent basis.

That combined with his numbers from last week are the reason he is the Blue Jay of the Week!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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