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Blue Jay of the Week!


Lately my Blue Jay of the Week has been coming up lame the following week so the only question is… How did Joeybats do?


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Jose Bautista! (@JoeyBats19)

| 9 hits | 2 hr | 7 rbi | 1 sb | .360 avg |

Jose Bautista continued his strong play as of late by posting a .360 batting average this past week which bumped him up to .230 on the season.  Statistically he was easily the top Blue Jays player on the roster this past week leading the way in the hits, rbi and batting average categories.

I don’t have a whole lot to say considering I covered much of what he has done recently in last weeks Blue Jay of the Week post.  One thing that I wonder now, are fans still questioning Joeybats?  Do fans still want to know “where has he gone” or “what happened to him”?

Baseball is a beautiful game and over the course of 162 games even the best players in the game will have their fair share of ups and downs.

Let’s hope the sometimes seeming hot-headed Jose Bautista can keep his cool and lead this team by example, both at the plate and with the umpires.  Who knows, maybe he will be the first ever back-to-back-to-back Blue Jay of the Week, we’ll have to wait til next Friday to find out.

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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