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Blue Jay of the Week!


I sense some controversy this week but I’m sure many fans will be happy with my choice.  I’m going to say it right now, Edwin Encarnacion got snubbed because he could easily be the Blue Jay of the Week if it weren’t for a certain someone making a statement.


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Jose Bautista! (@JoeyBats19)

| 9 hits | 5 hr | 7 rbi | 2 bb | 8 runs | .333 avg |

HE’S BAAAACK!  I feel confident in making that statement with the way Jose Bautista has been playing lately.  If you compare this weeks stats to EE’s you will actually find that Edwin put up slightly better numbers across the board, minus the home run column.  So why doesn’t EE get the nod?  Simply because it’s so great to see JoeyBats mashing the ball again!

The number you are about to read is just mind blowing… 117 mph!  That’s how quickly the ball left the Skydome off the bat of Jose Bautista this week.  It is the fastest a ball that has left the park all season across all of MLB and I’ll be very impressed if anyone surpasses that number this year.

Jose seemed to have found his groove at Target Field because by the time he left Minnesota he had a total of 10 home runs in 11 career games at the stadium.  Over the past 7 games he now has 5 home runs and they have come in bunches as he hit them in back-to-back games on two separate occasions.

In that same 7 game span his batting average has climbed from an abysmal .186 to a more respectable .207 by collecting his in 6 of the 7 contests.  He continues to prove he has a steady eye as he walked in his only hitless game but surprisingly only accumulated a total of 2 walks on the week.

Slowly many of the Blue Jays are coming around but this man is the most important Blue Jay of them all, he needs to be a leader on and off of the field.  Many fans have become frustrated with the way Jose reacts to close pitches, especially early in the games and in the count.  I think with the way Brett Lawrie blew up this past week we will see less complaining out of the Blue Jays camp and I expect Bautista to set the example that needs to be made.

It’s going to be a slow climb for his batting average to get to the .275 mark but if he can group together a few more weeks like this, that number will be in the box score before we know it.

What about his power?  Clearly his power has not gone anywhere as he has already mashed 10 home runs and the good news is that he is off to a similar start as the year that he hit 54 bombs.  In 2010 he had 10 home runs at the 39 game mark which is where we are right now but this year he has done it in 5 less official at-bats.  He’s the reigning home run king for a reason and he continues to prove that by hitting laser beams that are absolutely no-doubters.

Fans need to get back on the wagon quick because it’s filling up.  Personally I’ve been patiently waiting for Bautista to break out of his nasty funk and be the Blue Jay of the Week, thankfully the time has finally come!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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  1. Paul Reply

    Back to back Home Run King. Good call on team backing off after Lawrie fiasco.

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