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Which Current Blue Jay Would You Want To Have A Beer With


The Toronto Blue Jays play in the toughest division in professional sports, the American League East. Currently residing in fourth place, the Blue Jays are a cult favorite of sorts on social media, as many of the players on the roster also have twitter. With a deep connection to the fan base, it got me thinking, which players on the current roster, would I want to have a beer or two with after a game? Here are three players I’d want to have a beer with.

Jose Bautista Right Field, batting third – Jose Bautista is one of the most interesting baseball players in the MLB. It was only three years ago, that Bautista was a bench player for these same Blue Jays, before he got the opportunity to play regularly in the lineup. Once given the opportunity by then manager Cito Gaston and then hitting coach Gene Tenace, Bautista showed everyone how he could contribute.

From a guy who went seven years averaging roughly 14 home runs to the home run king the last two years, Bautista is someone everyone should want to have a beer with. Entering his prime, Jose Bautista has many brilliant years ahead of him offensively, which should help as the Blue Jays make their return to the playoffs.

I’d want to grab a beer with Jose to find out how to hit nearly 100 home runs in two years.

Eric Thames Left Field, can be found batting second, sixth and sometimes seventh in the lineup – After winning the battle for left with twitter hero Travis Snider, most people, myself included felt a little bit of animosity towards Thames. When we referred to cult favorites earlier, nobody exemplified that statement more then the aforementioned Snider.

Meaning to say, when Thames won out, fans were extremely disappointed. So why would I want to have a beer with a guy I felt some animosity towards? Two reasons, as Thames has shown the hustle and heart philosophy the Blue Jays have preached, and he has the best walkup music on the roster.

As a diehard Killswitch Engage fan, every time I hear “As This Fire Burns” and see Thames walkup to the plate, I’m expecting something special to happen. I’d want to have a beer with Thames to mainly talk music, and get grooming tips, as he grows epic beards.

JP Arencibia Catcher, bats eighth or ninth depending on Colby Rasmus – JP Arencibia is the most popular Toronto Blue Jay on twitter. The male fans like JP because of his work ethic and constant motivational tweets. Similar to Thames Arencibia is synonymous with the hustle and heart philosophy.

On the female side of things, when I talk to girls about the Jays, JP is often the first Blue Jay they recite when listing off who they would like to date from the team. Aside from baseball, Arencibia is a big hockey and basketball fan, as he has been seen at events of the Raptors and Maple Leafs. As the biggest fan favorite, I’d want to drink with Arencibia because he seems like that best friend everyone has, who is always down to hang out.

Jose Bautista, Eric Thames and JP Arencibia exhibit just a few of the qualities that fans can truly appreciate about a special baseball team. Through the hard word and down to earth vibe each player provides, fans do not feel like fans, but rather members of the team. As they get set to take on the New York Yankees, we’d like to know who you would want to have a beer with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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