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A View from the Couch: Five Must-See Players


I went to the Jays game last week against Texas to see Yu Darvish pitch.  Seeing the Jays is always a good time, but this particular instance I wanted to see what all the Darvish hype was about. Boy, he did not disappoint.

I am sure by now you all know how he confused the Jays and ended up on the winning side of a 4-1 score. On the way home, it got me thinking: which non-Blue Jay players would I pay to see play?

1. Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg

I included these two together because they play for the same team in Washington. Harper has the most hype for a player since Ken Griffey Jr. and Stephen Strasburg had the most hype for a pitcher in a long time.

These two have already impacted Washington, who are off to a great start, and have them first place in the National League East. Harper plays the game with energy, excitement, and flare and Strasburg brings the heat.

If you have the opportunity to make it to Rogers Centre in June, be sure to check out these two rising stars.

2. Albert Pujols

The greatest hitter of this generation, who despite being off to a slow start, is still a must-see attraction.

His presence in the Angels line-up makes opposing teams strategize accordingly, and with him now in the American League, he will be in Toronto at least once a year.



3. Matt Kemp

If I recall correctly, the Dodgers have not ever come through Toronto in interleague play, but if they do, go check out Kemp.

As the MVP runner-up to Ryan Braun in the National League last year, Kemp missed out by one stolen base to go 40-40, and he is off to another great start this year.

He is arguably the best player in the National League. This guy can do it all.


4. Josh Hamilton

Speaking of doing it all, Hamilton is also a must-see player. His start this year is unreal, and Tuesday night’s 5-5, 4 home run, eight RBI performance cemented his status as the elite player in the American League, if not all of baseball.

If he can stay out of injury trouble, he should be in for a monster year in his contract year. Texas is back in Toronto August 17 to 19.

5. Justin Verlander

Last year he won the American League Cy Young and Most Valuable Player award. He makes it look so easy and seamless that he is a joy to watch because of this.

He reminds me of Roy Halladay.

Who would you pay to go see play? Opinions always welcomed.

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One thought on “A View from the Couch: Five Must-See Players

  1. David Harrison Reply

    Pretty good list Ty. Current guys off the top of my head I’d pay to see would also include Felix Hernandez, Ryan Braun and Giancarlo Stanton. I may steal this topic from you for a future Jays listed and tweak it for past Jays wish you could have seen live.

    Nice work.

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