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A View from the Couch: Baseball Etiquette


Baseball is a great sport to see live. The sun is shining, beer in one hand, hot dog in the other, crowd on its feet, full count, bases loaded. Then it happens, at the most crucial time. Some fool makes you move as he is trying to get to his seat. In the middle of a pitch. You move to let him in, the crowd goes wild. You missed it. You missed the strikeout. All because that guy and no baseball etiquette.

As much as I like going to see baseball games, there are several things about the experience that bother me. Like most sporting events, not everyone is going to like everything about the live action, so I have compiled a few things I wish people would exercise more when attending a ball game.

As I mentioned above, please go to your seat either between innings, when there is a pitching change, or when the batter makes an out. There is nothing more annoying then having to duck and weave while some inconsiderate person tries to make it to their seat while the play is going on. And please arrive as close to first pitch as possible. Anytime after the third inning is unacceptable.

Please don’t yell “You Suck” to a player. Kids in grade one do that. Yelling “You Suck” to Derek Jeter doesn’t make sense. He obviously doesn’t suck, and players hear it all the time. Be creative in your heckling.  The best heckles I have heard are “I hope you like batteries because you’re going to be in Triple A” and “How is your Japanese?” (Referring to the player being sent to the Japan league).

Why are you wearing a Kevin Durant jersey to a Blue Jays vs. Orioles game? There is no connection at all. This is baseball. Please where the jersey of the teams involved. Even ex-players are fine.

The overpriced food and beer is part of the experience and I get that. However, I wish stadiums would have the same great selection they have on level one as on level three. Please don’t think because we sit in the cheap seats we deserve fewer options. Food equity for all!

Finally, the wave and in-game entertainment. I get the purpose of the wave, how it gets the crowd involved, but seeing some section trying to start it when it is the bottom of the first is lame, as is when your team is getting blown out in the late innings. It comes off as though people are bored. To all teams out there, I have no interest in watching you shuffle cards on the big screen to see if I can follow the special one, or cheer loud to see if my car crosses the finish line. Don’t insult me, just let me relax with my beer and enjoy the game.

I am aware fans like what I don’t like, and that is fine. I am interested to know what bothers you about your experience at a game. As always, feedback encouraged.

From the couch.

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