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Blue Jay of the Week!

It was great to see BIB fans chiming in with their opinion of who should be the Blue Jay of the Week and that all started on Monday of last week!  No doubt about it, this player is currently one of the hottest players in all of baseball!


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Edwin Encarnacion! (@Encadwin)

| 9 hits | 5 hr | 11 rbi | 7 runs | 3 bb | 1 sb | .391 avg |

Just like a lot of Edwin Encarnacion’s hits this week, his selection as Blue Jay of the Week was a no doubter!  EE has been on fire as of late and MLB recognized that by naming him the Player of the Month for April.

His numbers in April mirror the numbers of Jose Bautista in April of the 2011 season and because of this fans are all giddy and warm inside.  It’s turning into EE-mania but it seems one person hasn’t quite caught on yet.. John Farrell.

Fans are longing for EE to be the everyday clean-up hitter and Farrell went as far as to name him the number 4 hitter this past week.  The very next day EE was hitting fifth in the line up and Farrell has continued with his flip-flopping of the order depending on the opposing teams starter.

Personally I would love to see EE moved into the 4 spot permanently, giving Bautista the support that he deserves as the best hitter in baseball the past two seasons.  This is something that Adam Lind has not provided and it doesn’t seem like he will have a flashback to 2009 anytime soon.

EE’s got the swag, he proves that by pimping every home run he hits and on top of that he’s also got a great death stare.  This was in full display this past week as he was the victim of some bean ball action.  It seems the Mariners were a little upset as they came up and in on Edwin.  By the end of the series he hit a home run in all 3 games against the Mariners and one more off of Yu Darvish to make it 4 straight games.

Does it sound like I have a man-crush yet?  I’m not quite at that point but I’ve said it already this season… EE is quickly becoming one of my favourite Blue Jays and he definitely deserved to be the Blue Jay of the Week!


What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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One thought on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. venusjay Reply

    Great choice for Jay of the week. Edwin is a great hitter who deserves the 4 spot. JF seems to be married to this rightie, leftie, rightie idea in the lineup, but he has to let that go for both Jose Bautista to get the protection he needs behind him and for Lind to get the spotlight off to work out his demons. One more thought on Edwin; he’s a proud guy, so let’s keep him in the DH role because when he’s out on defense he makes errors, and that get’s in his head and transfers to his hitting.

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