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Blue Jay of the Week!

Life gets busy sometimes and that’s my only excuse for the Blue Jay of the Week being a bit late.  With that said, I’ve taken the liberty of including last nights game when considering which player to choose.  So who’s the hottest Blue Jay as of late?


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Eric Thames! (@EThames14)

| 9 hits | 2 hr | 2 rbi | 4 runs | 1 bb | .429 avg |

After a week where Eric Thames absorbed much hate from the legion of Blue Jays fans across the globe, he emerged as the hottest player on the club and that’s why he’s the Blue Jay of the Week!

People have harped on Thames all season because of his defensive skills and that hit an all-time high in Baltimore as he had a ball go off of his glove and over the fence.  Some have said that any outfielder in the MLB would have caught that ball but Thames ran a long way along the wall and nearly made one helluva play.  I think people need to look at his improvements on the defensive side and not reflect on every little negative that comes up.

How about a .429 batting average over the past 6 games?  Who’s looking to complain about that?  I believe most of the hate has come from fans who are more in favour of Travis Snider being the everyday left fielder but I don’t believe Thames deserves so much backlash because of that.  It’s not his fault he plays the same position, bats the same way and was awarded the starting spot based on his performance last season and in Spring Training.

The criticism has quieted over the past few days and Snider is currently injured in AAA with a jammed wrist which should at least keep it quiet for another week or so.  I think fans need to get on board with players who are playing well on the team that is at the big league level, even if Snider is lurking in the shadows with great numbers in Las Vegas.

Eric Thames has shown thick skin over the past week and produced on the field as well which all adds up to him being the Blue Jay of the Week!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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3 thoughts on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. venusjay Reply

    There are many things to like about Eric Thames; his enthusiasm, his easy-going manner and his genuine effort to contribute. That being said, if the Jays are in the hunt by the trade deadline left field will be one of the positions they will probably be looking to improve upon to make that push to be playing October baseball. Eric does show flashes of being a very good player, and he is so likeable I hope he proves me wrong.

    • Nick Hansen Reply

      Personally I think the Blue Jays will move Travis Snider before they move Thames but who knows what AA is thinking!

      • venusjay Reply

        I agree. If he can stay healthy Travis Snider could be part of a nice package for AA at the deadline. Maybe for that 5th starter that seems to be so elusive??

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