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Not long after the Prince Fielder to Toronto rumors were at their peak, Alex Anthopoulos brought Blue Jays fans back down to reality at Tuesday’s winter meetings in Dallas.

“If there’s players out there on the market that are going to require those kind of deals, we’re probably not going to be a factor” Anthopoulos reiterated to media yesterday in regards to the teams reluctance to sign a 7-10 year contract.

Just three days ago an article was posted on stating the Blue Jays were one of three teams at the top of the pack in the race for the free agent slugger.  Anthopoulos debunked those rumors, saying that the Blue Jays are the team everybody likes to “use”.

As we saw with the Santos deal, Anthopoulos likes to work under the radar, keeping his cards close to his chest;  something agents could presumably use to their advantage in negotiating their clients deals.

So unless Fielder is willing to settle for 5 or 6 years, it would seem the Blue Jays are out (were they ever in?) of the Prince Fielder sweepstakes.


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