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Blue Jay of the Week!

Disappointing week in the standings as the Blue Jays have fallen to the dreaded .500 mark but it’s encouraging to see players numbers start to climb.  Who’s getting the nod this week?


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Yunel Escobar! (SS)

| 9 hits | 1 hr | 3 rbi | 5 runs | 3 bb | .333 avg |

After a very slow start that produced a batting average around the Mendoza Line, Yunel Escobar has improved his play which has bumped him up to a .263 average.

It was a bit of an up-and-down week for Escobar considering he had 2 games with zero hits sprinkled around games in which he was 3-5 and 4-5.  He has shown some patience at the plate and proved to come through in the clutch a couple of times this season and he even seems to have some extra swag kicking around.  Whatever it is, he needs to keep bringing it because Jose Bautista needs runners on base when he is at the dish.

It’s not all about offensive stats and my Blue Jay of the Week needs to flash some leather also.  Yunel has been solid at the SS position and turned a sweet double play this week by recognizing the slow player who was lumbering down the base line, throwing the ball back to Kelly Johnson for the first out who twisted it to first base for the double play.  Heads-up defence will help this young team throughout the year and Yunel seems to be on point right now.

Escobar has scored a run in each of the past 4 games and if he continues to see the ball the way he has been, we can expect him to be the Blue Jay of the Week a few more times!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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3 thoughts on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. venusjay Reply

    Junel is one of those players that the Jays have acquired from other teams that had been labeled as “difficult”. He had a bad rep in Atlanta, but has fit into the Jays easy going, but hard-working team. Jose Bautista’s strong leadership can take some credit for this. Junel has matured from wanting to always make the flashy play to being one of the most steady ss in the game. In my opinion he is good enough to take the jays to the post season at ss.

    • Brandon Reply

      I gotta agree with you. Yunel has really become a standout SS and when the Jays do move into the postseason, he’ll be one of the guys that dicate the Jays success.

    • Nick Hansen Reply

      I agree with you and Bam, Yunel is critical to the long term success if he is going to be the leadoff man and SS


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