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Back in Blue Video Podcast – Episode 15

This week on Back in Blue Reid and Nick discuss all the hot topics in Jays Trending, the Blue Jays first week at home and Nick chats with former Blue Jays outfielder Lloyd Moseby.

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2 thoughts on “Back in Blue Video Podcast – Episode 15

  1. Scott McKague Reply

    I don’t want to sound like a baseball snob, but those seats behind home seem to be filled with people who just have no sense of what we feel for the game. Last year I have to admit I had a few choice words for a “large” woman who felt the need to pack her family up during a crucial 9th inning AB. Even if nothing happened, I would have rather watched the Jays lose than her behind…as it turned out, a walk, quick single and a 2 run double won it for the Jays and I missed the whole thing! Anger

    • reidprice Reply

      Oh my god Scott, I would have lost my mind in that situation! Luckily when sitting behind home plate I sat beside a knowledgeable season ticket holder. Talked baseball with him quite a bit. The home opener down left field corner in the 100′s is a different story all together! Lots of drunken fools! I can’t seeing the people in the premium seats right behind home plate who clearly don’t know the difference between strikes and balls!

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