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Blue Jay of the Week!

My Blue Jay of the Week selection got flipped upside down this week with a trip around the bases that I wish I witnessed in person, it wasn’t your everyday kind of thing.


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Anthony Gose! (CF)

| 3 sb |

It’s what legends are made of, some sort of old baseball fable that gets passed down and twisted over decades of storytelling.  It’s the kind of play that people will claim to have watched in person years from now.

Simply put, Anthony Gose stole second base, he stole third base and for good measure he swiped home.  Oh yeah, did I mention this all happened during the same trip around the bases?  Crazy, straight crazy.

I will put a small asterisk beside the steal of home because he actually stole it on the throw back to the pitcher but either way he is just sick.  Speed is sexy and Gose has speed to burn which is why a large portion of the Blue Jays fan base salivates at the thought of him being our everyday leadoff man.

I know Spring Training games mean nothing in the long run but the steal of home turned out to be the winning run, it’s not as if he risked the out during a blowout.  Was it even a risk though or just knowledge of your competition?  Jarrod Saltalamacchia the catcher to blame here is known for having a bit of a loopy-throw back to the mound.  Was it Gose doing his homework or the knowledgable Brian Butterfield whispering in his ear at third?

Whatever numbers Gose posted this week are really irrelevant because it was these 3 stolen bases alone that made him the Blue Jay of the Week.  I guess I will mention that he had a 4th stolen base in this game but does it even register a blip on the radar?

The countdown is on, how long until we see this Kenny Lofton-like player at the Skydome?

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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