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Blue Jay of the Week!

The Blue Jays are off to a red-hot start this Spring Training and that gives me lots of options for my Blue Jay of the Week!  Our favourite team has the best record in baseball and this man has been on a tear but will he even make the big club when all is said and done?


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Travis Snider! (@Lunchboxhero45)

| 4 gms | .334 avg | 1 hr | 6 rbi | 3 runs | 2 walks |

Some of you may be surprised since I have openly been on the Eric Thames train since the LF debate began.

On the other hand some of you are probably wondering what took me so long.

No doubt about it, Travis Snider has absolutely mashed the ball during Spring Training and that’s why he is the Blue Jay of the Week.  Being stuck in one of the most talked about position battles in all of baseball can’t be an easy thing especially when it now appears to be no battle at all.

For weeks and weeks it has been known that both Eric Thames and Travis Snider have had an equal chance to earn the LF spot and even a loyal Thames supporter has had to admit that Lunchbox has had a slight edge thus far.  So with that thought in mind I tuned into the FAN590 yesterday to listen to Alex Anthopoulos discuss his young players and now it appears that we don’t have a battle at all.

Since the debate began AA and skipper John Farrell have said whoever won the job would head north but now they are saying it’s Thames’ job to lose.  Although Snider has been posting better numbers in 2012 they are basing a huge part of the decision on the fact that Thames was the everyday LF at the end of 2011.  Now recent comments from both men have made it seem like Snider has no chance of winning the job and will simply be sent down for more seasoning and as many fans have a gut-feeling, he will eventually be traded.

This really bothers some fans as they feel duped into believing both men have a fair shot and maybe they still do but after hearing AA on the radio I’m not quite sure myself how to feel.

I guess I should be happy since I’ve openly campaigned for Eric Thames to be the starting LF on April 5th but with the way our Blue Jay of the Week has been ripping the leather off the ball, I am sure to be satisfied no matter who makes the club.

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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One thought on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. Paul Reply

    Wish Travis hit Lefties better. The tools are there, he is too much of an asset to give away. It is a nice diemma for the club.

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