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Post-season Expansion

September just got a lot more interesting for Major League Baseball and its fans.

Friday afternoon the Commissioners office announced (officially) that Major League Baseball would be expanding its Postseason play by adding an additional Wild Card team to the mix in 2012.

There will now be 10 of the 30 Major League teams advancing to the post season.

This marks the first time the MLB Postseason has seen expansion since the strike shortened 1994 campaign and the 3rd time in the history of the Majors.

A 1 game playoff between both Wild card teams will decide who gets to advance and take on a divisional leader with home field advantage going to the club with the better overall record.

It should be noted that in the past 5 seasons all American League Wild Card spots have come out of the (B)East.

When you look around the league you can notice a decline in former powerhouses such as LAA, MIN and with the Yankees getting older every season, they too could fall victim to this downward turn.

The Blue Jays however are a team on the rise possessing some of the youngest talent in the Majors. As other teams windows begin to close, Toronto’s is starting to open and with one of the strongest farm systems in the bigs,  Blue Jay fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years.

The expansion of the playoffs can only mean good things for Toronto as they inch closer to their first postseason play since 1993.

More details on the Postseason expansion can be found here via

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One thought on “Post-season Expansion

  1. reidprice Reply

    Finally! But I hope if the Jays do make the postseason this year or any year they do it the old fashioned way, and not squeak in because of this expansion. However if they do get in because of the expansion I won’t be complaining!

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