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Blue Jay of the Week!

FINNNNNNNNALLY!  A large amount of the Blue Jays roster reported early to Dunedin this past week in preparation for the 2012 Spring Training schedule.  Full team practices officially begin this Saturday and with that I bring you the Blue Jay of the Week!


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. John Farrell! (Blue Jays Manager)

The Skipper!

During this past off-season many people were blaming a disappointing 2011 season on the Blue Jays bullpen and those people are 100% right in doing so as the team blew 25 save opportunities.

Recently at the State of the Franchise event manager John Farrell admitted he wasn’t happy with his first season as the leader of his young squad.  In particular he felt he did not define the bullpen roles of his relief staff and he went as far as to grade himself below average.

Fast-forwarding to the current day roster his boss Alex Anthopoulos has done a tremendous job in acquiring more reliable pitchers for Farrell to turn to.  By bringing back Jason Frasor, picking up Sergio Santos, Francisco Cordero and the ageless Darren Oliver the Blue Jays are instantly one of the deepest bullpens in the league.  I know I don’t need to reiterate all of that because I have preached it before but I bring it up because that is the spot that Farrell seemed to be most unhappy with.

Listening to recent interviews on the Fan590 it seems that he is a big fan of Travis Snider but feels Eric Thames has a slight advantage going into Spring Training.  It also seems that he is a huge fan of Drew Hutchinson and mentioned we could see him move from AA straight to the big club at some point this season.

It’s great to hear a manager speak with so much energy which is exactly what his team plays with on the field.  BIB Producer Brad James mentioned to me this past week that he truly believes John Farrell is the man that will take the Blue Jays into the post-season and beyond.

I couldn’t agree with him more and that is partially why our skipper John Farrell is the Blue Jay of the Week!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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One thought on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. Paul Reply

    A manager can only work with what he has. The bullpen was atrocious last year.
    Didn’t seem to be many cringe-worthy decisions by the Coach last year. Be interesting to see how he manages the bullpen this year.
    A professional baseball man with the respect of his peers, I like him.
    Can only hope he takes us to the Promised Land.

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