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Back in Blue announces 24-hour marathon for Jays Care

Back in Blue’s support of the Toronto Blue Jays doesn’t end on the field.  On Saturday March 24th, streaming LIVE from, the BIB team will take part in a 24-hour baseball video game marathon to raise money for the Jays Care Foundation, a charity dedicated to empowering children and youth in need.

Reid, Nick and the rest of the Back in Blue team will compete head to head for 24 hours straight, playing baseball games from all of the different consoles over the years, from R.B.I. baseball for the NES right up to MLB ’12 The Show for the PS3.

Here’s the fun part.  We are giving you the opportunity to control some of the variables!

  • For a $25 donation you get to choose which console we play
  • For a $50 donation you get to choose the console and the game
  • For a $100 donation you get to choose the console, game and the teams

During the live broadcast Blue Jays fans will have the opportunity to interact with the participants live via Skype, twitter and right here at in a live chat.  We will also have random giveaways and prizes for the top donors.

So join us here on Saturday March 24th through to Sunday March 25th and help support a wonderful cause!  The event begins at 6PM Saturday and finishes the following day at 6PM.

For more information on the Jays Care Foundation please visit their official website.

To get a head start on making a donation, visit our fundraising page.

NOTE: a complete list of video games to choose from will be posted Friday.

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One thought on “Back in Blue announces 24-hour marathon for Jays Care

  1. Scott McKague Reply

    Awesome! I’ll find some cash for sure. In the meantime I’ll offer up MLB Power Pro’s 2008 for Wii and MLB 2004 for the original PS…console is yours too. For a real flashback I still have a copy of Earl Weaver Baseball for the Amiga 500…on a diskette!

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