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Echoes from 527: Light the tower


Wrigley field raises a flag high above their vintage style Scoreboard, Citizens Bank Park rings an illuminated version of the Liberty Bell and the Yankees play Sinatra’s classic “New York New York”.  These are all examples of how other MLB teams celebrate their clubs victories with fans.

Once upon a time the Blue Jays were known to launch Fireworks out of the rafters of the Dome (closed or not). Some of us can remember the thick haze that covered the playing field as we exited the Dome and headed back home.

Now that haze has been replaced by a much healthier alternative, a booming fog horn played after each Home Run or Blue Jay win. On a clear day, this horn can be heard as far as Hanlans Point. The same Hanlans Point that housed a stadium where a young Babe Ruth hit his 1st and only Minor League Home Run while playing for the Providence Grays (1914).

I’m a fan of the horn but what if you’re out of earshot of its deafening ring?

Imagine being in the GTA, miles away from the dome with out access to the score of the game. In an age of Smart Phones, Sports Tickers and great TV/ Radio coverage it’s difficult to find yourself in such a predicament but it is still possible (sports fans nightmare… Date Night).

Standing 1,814 feet above the Dome, the CN Tower has been a landmark on the Toronto skyline since its completion in 1976. It’s no coincidence that when Toronto decided to build a state of the art multipurpose stadium, they chose a location at the base of what some refer to as one of the 7 modern wonders of the world.

In 2007 the Tower was retrofitted with 1330 “Super Bright LED” lights that follow the track of the elevator shafts and base of the observation deck high above the roof of the Dome. These lights not only brought the cost of lighting the Tower down to roughly $1000 a month but also gave the Toronto landmark an ability to shine in a variety of colors and shades.

This feature has been showcased on a number of occasions including Canada Day and the passing of NDP leader Jack Layton in which case the tower was lit orange in respect to Layton’s political contributions to the Province.

I think you know where I’m going with this…

Personally, I believe it would create an interactive aspect to a Blue Jays win should the Tower be lit in the teams colors after their victories or while their ahead in the run column. Imagine being able to keep tabs on your Jays by simply looking to the sky, Bat Signal style.

Of course turning the iconic landmark in to the world’s tallest scoreboard would probably get under some peoples skin but at the same time it would definitely draw a lot of attention to the team. Attention that judging by the influx of ticket sales we saw on Friday, is growing by the day.

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5 thoughts on “Echoes from 527: Light the tower

  1. Brad James Reply

    Great idea Andrew. Would be such a cool feature that they could very easily implement.

  2. reidprice Reply

    Love this idea!

  3. Paul Reply

    Should start a campaign.
    It would be a worthwhile investment for the Jays.
    Good call.

  4. TheMainEvent Reply

    I love the idea for wins. Light that baby up in blue as soon as we win the game & keep it up that way for the night. That would be great, and would also look great on TV you could see the thing start from the bottom and go to the top lit in blue right after we’ve won a game.

    I dont like it so much for home runs or leads, cause it would lose its luster doing it off and on so much throughout the games. but doing it after every win would be really cool idea for the team and the city & i don’t even live in toronto, but love the idea.

    • Scott McKague Reply


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