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Fan Blog: The Bigger Picture by Christian Bebis

By: Christian Bebis (@CBebis)

As Blue jays fans we know that we need to get where we once were, and that is a World Series championship. But before we can reach that goal we must look at the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is at least trying to make the playoffs.

We have all seen this team progress under the rule of Alex Anthopolous, and this off-season was no different. This off-season Alex’s main focus was to revamp the bullpen, which he has done.

The Blue Jays look like a much more balanced and effective team on paper now than they looked last year at this same time, but does that mean we can make the playoffs?

Yes, but it will be tough. There are too many “what if’s” going into the season to tell if the Blue Jays can make a serious run at the playoffs. If they Jays are able to answer all these what ifs with positive answers there is no reason that the Blue Jays can’t make the playoffs this year.

This is a solid young team with a lot of upside and very small downside and if they can remain healthy throughout the season it seems the team can and will be able to make a playoff run.

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