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Blue Jay of the Week!

Who’s it going to be this week?  Spring Training is just around the corner and soon enough I will have some more legit material to base my Blue Jay of the Week decision from.  This past week I seen a comment on Twitter that really made me laugh from a Blue Jays reliever who seems to be a forgotten man sometimes.  That tweet and the fact that he is a key piece to the bullpen and the teams success make him this weeks Blue Jay of the Week!


This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Casey Janssen! (@CaseyJanssen)

I look at Casey Janssen’ 6-0 win-loss record plus 2 saves in 2011 and it makes me wonder how he can be a forgotten man in the Blue Jays bullpen.  To me it feels that way.

All off-season we have heard the names Oliver, Frasor, Cordero and Santos and that’s with good reason.  GM Alex Anthopoulos has created quite a buzz the past few months building up what many are saying is the best bullpen in the AL if not all of baseball.

Those names get mentioned often but it feels to me that the glue of the Blue Jays bullpen is Casey Janssen.  He is by far the most established returning reliever who finished last season with the team, the others being Carlos Villanueva and Luis Perez.

Santos arrives as the new and improved closer the team has desperately needed after blowing game after game last season.  Established closer Francisco Cordero comes from the Reds and will fill the set-up man role.  Southpaw specialist Darren Oliver has been brought in to lock down left handed hitters and to also provide veteran leadership in the clubhouse.

Those moves give the 2012 Blue Jays more hope than last season but having Janssen returning after going through arbitration should excite the Blue Jays fan base as much as anything.

As I pointed out it was a tweet that helped me make my decision this week.

“Just drove by a house that had a christmas tree out for trash day…u kidding me #waytogeturmoneysworth #turnthepageitsfeb7″ 

I thought that was quite funny and when you add it to him being the ‘glue guy’ of the bullpen, it all equals Casey Janssen being the Blue Jay of the Week!

What do you think about my Blue Jay of the Week?

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3 thoughts on “Blue Jay of the Week!

  1. Chris Reply

    Great job Nick!….keep up the good work!
    Love talk’n, reading, listening about the Jays in the middle of winter!!!
    Podcasts are awesome! Keep’m coming!

  2. Nick Hansen Reply

    Thanks a lot man, been going great so far. Glad we can keep you entertained!

  3. RMJays Reply

    I always liked Janssen, he’s just got a super smooth looking windup. Starts up, toes point, and BAM! it explodes all at once, he looks like he’s putting 100% into each pitch. I’m glad Frasor and him are both back!

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