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A View from the Couch: Excuse me, I’ve got a question…

Will This Year Be Different?

With spring training about a month away, that means it is time for the Blue Jays to hold their annual “State of the Franchise” question period with season ticket holders and the media. If I were to attend that meeting, what question would I ask? Several come to mind but one sticks out more than the others: will this year be different than the rest?

The reason for my question is that since the last World Series win in 1993, the Blue Jays have consistently bounced between third and fourth place in the American League East. I think the reason for this is the lack of direction and unwillingness to stick to a plan, whether it is the youth or the high-priced talents they paid for, or a nice combination of both. However, management never seemed to stick to one direction, but with a new regime, perhaps that will change.

After asking the question, there are several points I would want addressed. Firstly, I would want to hear that the organization is staying the course on building around the great young talent they have on the roster, such as Jose Bautista, Eric Thames, Adam Lind, Ricky Romero, and Colby Rasmus. Secondly, I want to hear that the organization is willing to go out and spend some money on a big name player that may put them into the thick of the playoff race, even if it costs some young talent, especially with a second wild-card team being added to each league. Finally, the last point I would want addressed is that they would stick with the younger players through thick and thin, as in the past this has not been the case. Travis Snider is the best example of not being given an opportunity to work through a mini slump, and instead is sent to Las Vegas, which could hurt a young player’s confidence and mind set. If young players get the opportunity to battle through adversity and slumps, in the long run it will make them a better ball player.

The Blue Jays have the talent on paper to be in contention for a playoff position, with a great core of players who are ready to show the baseball world what they are all about. If management sticks to the plan and lets their stars shine, fans will flock back to the Rogers Centre like they were during the World Series years.

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6 thoughts on “A View from the Couch: Excuse me, I’ve got a question…

  1. Dan Adams Reply

    I would have to disagree Ty. The Jays don’t have the talent on paper to be in contention for a playoff position. The Jays’ players were 15 WAR less than the Yankees and Boston last year. Even with the late additions of Rasmus and Lawrie to the big league club last year and the addition of Santos this offseason, that isn’t going to make up the 15 WAR gap; especially when you consider the Yankees just went from having a terrible rotation to a very respectable top four of Sabathia, Pineda, Kuroda, and Nova. Even Paul Beeston said last week on prime time sports that signing a player like Prince Fielder does not put this team over the top and into perennial contention. With that being the case, the only way signing a player like Prince Fielder this year makes any sense is if the contract is of good value. Since Prince Fielder will undoubtedly be overpaid by whichever team lands him, it doesn’t make sense to add him at this time.

    Secondly, one of the reasons Tampa Bay is considered to be the best run club in all of baseball is because they don’t trade away their young talented prospects/players for expensive veterans. When was the last time Tampa Bay traded for a big name player or signed a player to an expensive multi-year contract? Instead, Tampa Bay uses their powerhouse farm system to supply their big league roster and signs their young stars to long term deals before they become too expensive. Longoria and Upton have two of the most team friendly contracts in all of baseball. Matt Moore’s contract will most likely turn out to be the same.

    Thirdly, “building around the great young talent they have on the roster, such as Jose Bautista, Eric Thames, Adam Lind, Ricky Romero, and Colby Rasmus”???? Really? Adam Lind and Eric Thames???? Lind has had two straight horrendous seasons where he OPS’d .712 and .734. That would put him at 20th and 18th best among first basemen in the MLB. Eric Thames has never been projected higher than a respectable 4th outfielder. Projections don’t always get it right (think Jose Bautista) and Thames has certainly been working hard over the winter, but I’d reserve judgment on him until we see another year out of him. I wouldn’t bet the farm on Rasmus figuring it out either at this point.

    Lastly, are you saying that Snider should get more playing time this year? If you are, then the statement about building around Rasmus and Thames makes even less sense since playing Snider would take away playing time from one of those players. I would also like to point out that Snider was sent down to AAA because he had fundamental flaws in his swing. When making major corrections to your swing, you will usually suffer a substantial drop off in performance until the changes become habit and you get the feel for it. Since there is a lot of pressure to perform at the major league level, sending Travis down to AAA where he wouldn’t feel bad if his numbers dropped made the most sense. A better argument would be that Travis Snider was brought up to the big leagues too early in his career. If he had been given more time to develop in the minors, when he finally did get called up he might have had a better chance at sticking.

  2. Dan Adams Reply

    Morrow extension looks like it’s going to happen. Sweet!!!!

  3. Paul Reply

    Done deal on Morrow…love it

  4. Paul Reply

    Dan, as much as it pains me to say the Jays are always a touch short in the depth department to compete.
    Success will most likely come when they catch lightning in a bottle.
    Career years have to happen, new guys step up etcetera.

    Why not 2012???

  5. RMJays Reply

    I agree Paul, I’d rather think positively even if I’m wrong than be negative and be correct. When it comes to the Jays at least! This is a site after all for fans! You can’t call yourself a fan if you doom your team to losing before the season starts. Winning games requires a winning attitude. ~ Charlie Hustle

  6. Dan Adams Reply

    Don’t get me wrong…. I want nothing more than for lightening to strike and the jays to win in 2012. I’m just trying to think critically and objectively. I think the Jays are close to being contenders year in and year out. I just think there’s a few pieces still missing; and those pieces happen to be big pieces. Having said that, when Tampa Bay started making strides several years ago, nobody expected them to put it all together as quick as they did; so it’s entirely possible the Jays pull it together sooner than expected. My point below was more to the fact that it’s too early to know what the Jays have exactly so making high dollar free agent additions and/or selling off their top tier farm players to acquire superstar players with only a couple years remaining on their contracts is exactly the opposite approach to what they should be doing.

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