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Blue Jays sign Rasmus to 1-year deal

The Blue Jays have avoided arbitration with Colby Rasmus, signing the CF to a one-year deal worth $2.7 million.

Rasmus hopes to improve on a disappointing 2011 season clouded in turmoil with his former team and manager Tony LaRussa mixed with the mid-season trade that sent the 25-year-old to Toronto.

In 420 career games, Rasmus has a .251 average with 53 homers and 171 RBIs.


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2 thoughts on “Blue Jays sign Rasmus to 1-year deal

  1. Paul Reply

    Lotta talent…hope he realises potential
    Good choice to give him a year to prove himself.

  2. Dan Adams Reply

    Right now the top three center fielders in the game are Kemp, Ellsbury, and Granderson. Rasmus has the potential to be right in behind them in the next tier of CF’ers with McCutchen and Upton. It’s rare to find a player who plays a premium position such as CF, SS, and catcher, with above average defense and middle of the order offensive potential. Having said that, it’s not hard to find a good defensive center fielder out there; Rasmus’ value lies in his potential to hit. If he can’t put it together at the dish than he’s just an average center fielder. In truth, I’m a little bit worried that he’ll be able to do that. His swing looks long and loopy to me. Having said that, his swing reminds me of JD Drew’s; and JD has out together a pretty decent major league career.

    Hi Paul, I’ll let my mom know you say hello.

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