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My favourite moments of 2011

Yeah, I’m totally late… but with the new year and a new season right around the corner, I thought I’d reflect on my favorite Blue Jays moments of 2011.  Join me, won’t you?

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2 thoughts on “My favourite moments of 2011

  1. Paul Reply

    Rauch going nuts and Jose going deep were the same game. Luckily Nick took Mike (older son)
    and I to that game for our birthdays.
    Couldn’t have picked a better day….
    Weather was great. JoeyBats took Doc deep.
    Rauch went ballistic. Blue had been squeezing Jays pitchers all day, it got really bad with Rauch facing Ryan Howard. He was walked (Rauch got screwed) and was eventually the winning run.
    Wow, did Rauch ever get PISSED!!!
    Big man tossed Farrell like a rag doll.

  2. Scott McKague Reply

    I was at that game too. Farrell tried to hold Rauch by the jersey and Rauch basically walked right out of his own shirt! It must have had quick release buttons (Or Rauch is just a beast). If anything I liked that he finally showed a bit of emotion.

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