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VIDEO: Back in Blue video podcast officially debut’s first episode

It’s finally here!   We here at Back in Blue are very happy to bring you our very first episode of our video podcast.  Stay tuned for weekly episodes.

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8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Back in Blue video podcast officially debut’s first episode

  1. Gary Norton Reply

    Good luck guys I’m feeling the excitement.

  2. Paul Reply

    Good stuff guys.
    Pretty good first effort.

  3. Nick Hansen Reply

    thanks guys, definitely feeling the excitement and the off-season buzz

  4. Ruth Van Horne Reply

    Hey Nick…………great to see and hear you…………..I’m Brad’s Mom and sure am hoping to meet you someday…………….you were great in this interview!! Sure are a knowledgeable Blue Jay fan……we’ve followed them since the very first game………..Phil and 3 of our 4 sons were at the opening day game……….I couldn’t go………..boohoo…………only 4 tickets were allowed per family. Keep up the good work and congrats on your upcoming marriage to Hayley!!

  5. Nick Hansen Reply

    thanks Ruth, good to hear from a looooong time Jays fan lol i’m sure we’ll cross paths sometime, til then keep tuning in :) thanks again!

  6. Mitch Marquette Reply

    Hey Nick……great podcast, and very professional! With your wide range of sports knowledge, and passion for the sports, especially baseball and basketball, you will succeed in this venue for sure!
    Great job Nick !

  7. Stan Stasko Reply

    Hi guys,
    I really enjoyed the podcast there is a good chemistry between you too… I like the format and info you provide. Now, to be honest, I do not follow the Jays that closely but this will definately be something that i do follow. … it is concise and informative and you guys are truely great fans. It was great to watch and who knows, maybe you guys will make a fan out of me yet! …swear jar if you don’t call it the Skydome…brilliant. Just remember who ownes the team lol. :o ) Great show, have fun and keep it up!!!

  8. Nick Hansen Reply

    Thanks for the kind words from everyone, lots going on at BIB and we have something special lined up for a future podcast.

    Definetly won’t forget who owns the Jays, the name Skydome just holds a place in our hearts lol thanks again

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