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Back in Blue Video Podcast – Episode 30


This week writer Andrew Hendriks fills in for Reid with Nick to discuss the latest in Blue Jays baseball including the team's resiliency throughout the 2012 season.

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Breaking: Snider, Thames Dealt


As the Blue Jays were in the midst of a 4-1 loss to the Seattle Mariners Monday night, Alex Anthopoulos was busy pulling the trigger on a pair of deals what would draw a close to ...

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Echoes from 527: ArenSeeYa

Toronto Blue Jays' Arencibia misses a foul ball hit by New York Yankees' Jones during their MLB baseball game in Toronto

In the second inning of Tuesday’s game vs Oakland, the Jays #1 Catcher, JP Arencibia, suffered from a foul tip off of his right hand. Initially, Arenciba looked as if he was going to be ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Jays moments in July


The month of July has been a tough one for the Blue Jays and Blue Jays fans at times. Injuries continued to pile up fast for Toronto,as Jose Bautista, Luis Perez, J.P. Arencibia, and Jason ...

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Blue Jay of the Week!


#FreeSnider July20-July26 This weeks Blue Jay of the Week is…. Travis Snider! (@Lunchboxhero45) | 7 hits | 4 runs | 2 hr | 6 rbi | 1 bb | .304 avg | Since before Spring Training started ...

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Retro Jays Cards: Ed Sprague’s Olympic Moment


The Olympics are underway, but for the first time in nearly 30 years there will be no baseball to be found.

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A View from the Couch: Who Gets The Call?


With the Blue Jays in the middle of the wild-card race, what we as fans have to remember is that if this team gets a wild-card spot, there is no best-of-five right away. There is ...

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Back in Blue Video Podcast – Episode 29


This week on Back in Blue the guys discuss the recent 10-player trade with Houston in Jays Trending and Skip makes his return with another addition of Skip 101.

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FLS: My Dream Rotation For 2013 Season


I got to thinking what a dream rotation for 2013 could look like. Here are my thoughts.

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Jays Listed: Top Ten Fan Favorites

fan favorites header

What’s a fan favorite you may be asking? Let’s startout by telling you what it’s not. It’s not big superstars like Roberto Alomar or Carlos Delgado. It’s not big sluggers like Jose Bautista or George ...

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