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Jays Listed: My Top 10 Blue Jays Memories


Every Jays fan has their own memories of the team. What those memories are of likely depends how old you are and how long you’ve been following the team. If you’ve been a fan since ...

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Jays Listed : Top 10 Jays who got away


Every team has at least one player that they gave away or gave up on too soon. Detroit has John Smoltz, the Red Sox Jeff Bagwell and Minnesota David Ortiz just to name a few. ...

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Jays Listed: Top 10 Seasons – Pitchers


Picking the top seasons for a Jays hitter was so fun and went over so well I decided to repeat the same exercise with pitcher. If you’ve never done it before comparing pitchers seasons is ...

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Jays Listed: Top 10 Seasons


The Blue Jays have had some talented hitters in their 35 seasons...

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Top 5: My 5 favourite seats at the Skydome


Do you care where you sit when you go to the ballpark?

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My favourite moments of 2011

Brett Lawrie walks off Red Sox

Yeah, I’m totally late… but with the new year and a new season right around the corner, I thought I’d reflect on my favorite Blue Jays moments of 2011.  Join me, won’t you? Begin the ...

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My 5 Wishes for 2012


The year 2011 produced some exciting moments for Blue Jays fans both on and off the field.  The debut of Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautistas’ MVP worthy season and now a step back into time the ...

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Top 5: Baseballs to the groin


We’re 1 day removed from the Nippon Ham Fighters announcing that the Texas Rangers have won the rights to negotiate with Yu Darvish, a major kick to the groin for Jays fans everywhere. After being ...

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My Top 5 Blue Jays of All Time

Ernie Whitt

Who’s your all time favourite Blue Jay? What does it take for a fan to claim that particular player as their favourite?  Was it a special moment in franchise history or a dominant career that ...

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Top 5 bonehead decisions by J.P. Ricciardi


On the heels of the controversy amongst Blue Jays faithful from this weeks MLB winter meetings with the Jays lack of spending on big name free agents, I’ve decided to compile a list to help ...

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