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Jay Listed – Top 10 Blue Jays moments in September

edwin bat flip

The Blue Jays continued to stumble toward the end of the season in September. On the field the long losing steaks that plagued the team in August continued. Toronto began the month with four straight ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 he was a Blue Jay?

jays header

There are certain players you just associate with certain teams. When I say Cal Ripken you obviously think about the Baltimore Orioles. Tony Gwynn, the San Diego Padres. Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox. Even ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Blue Jays Announcers

announcers header

With voting for the Ford C. Frick Award in full swing it seems like an opportune time to review some of the best Toronto Blue Jays announcers from the past and the present. Over the ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Designated Hitters

DH header

If you’re a team’s designated hitter you’re obviously being paid to do one thing and that’s hit. If you’re just sitting in the dugout for the entire game waiting for your four or five at ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Blue Jay moments in August

Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

I don’t think there will be many Blue Jays fans sad to see the month of August go. To say that August was rough for the Blue Jays would be a pretty big understatement. August ...

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Top 5 Best and Worst One-and-Done Blue Jays

one done combo

What’s a one-and-done? It’s easy. Any player that spent only one season, or maybe even less than a whole season, in Toronto before packing up and moving on. Maybe they were a free agent signed ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Blue Jays Right Fielders


Right field has been an interesting position for the Blue Jays over the years. There have been some power bats, a little speed and a few impressive arms. Trying to rank right fielders throughout Blue ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Blue Jays Center Fielders


“Look at me, I can be center field.” Only a select few Toronto Blue Jays can say those words originally sung by John Fogerty. Because of that putting together the Top 10 Blue Jays center ...

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Jays Listed – My Top 10 Pieces of Blue Jays Memorabilia

Jays stuff

I’ve collected a lot of Blue Jays stuff over the years. Maybe too much at times. Hats, cards, posters, shirts, key chains, you name it. If it had the Blue Jays logo on it somewhere ...

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Jays Listed – Top 10 Jays moments in July


The month of July has been a tough one for the Blue Jays and Blue Jays fans at times. Injuries continued to pile up fast for Toronto,as Jose Bautista, Luis Perez, J.P. Arencibia, and Jason ...

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