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A View from the Couch: The Mystique of 100 Pitches


The number 100 in sports is generally linked to perfection, but it takes on a different meaning in baseball in relation to pitchers: it means the pitcher must be tired and therefore he must be ...

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Prospect Watch (Opener – April 22)


First inaugural prospect watch weekly report.

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Echoes From 527: Selling The Sizzle


The Blue Jays once dominated Pop Culture Toronto, Ontario and practically all of Canada.

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Blue Jay of the Week!


Who's getting the nod this week?

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A View from the Couch: Leadoff Hitters – The Table Setters


Is the lead-off position changing?

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Bleeding Blue: The Downside of High Expectations


Every pitch, every strikeout, and every misplay seems to be under more criticism

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Blue Jay of the Week!


A lot of fans seemed to be down on Kelly Johnson coming into 2012

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A View from the Couch: American or National League?


Baseball is different than any of the other major sports in North America

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2012 Prospect Watch: Top 3 prospects at every level


The following is a list I have compiled of the top 3 prospects at each level

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Echoes from 527 : Sergio’s struggles


It has been a rough couple of games for Blue Jays closer Sergio Santos. Coming in to play Tuesday, Santos is responsible for 2 Blown Saves, 3 hits, 4 Walks, 4 Earned Runs and a ...

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