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Fan Blog: 2012 Blue Jays by Robbie Goldman


Going into spring training the Jays had many questions to answer.

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Fan Blog: Growin’ Up Jays During the Glory Years by David Harrison


Growing up as a baseball fan in Canada in the late eighties and early nineties it was a pretty magical time.

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Fan Blog: The Bigger Picture by Christian Bebis


As Blue jays fans we know that we need to get where we once were.

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Fan Blog: The good, the bad and the Manny by Andrew Hendriks


Written by: Andrew Hendriks (@77hendriks) This off season has had no shortage of rumors floating around about the Blue Jays and their potential roster for 2012. Known for his due diligence approach to nearly every ...

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Fan Blog: Position by position breakdown by Andrew Hendriks


Written by: Andrew Hendriks (@77hendriks) If you look hard enough, you can almost see the light at the end of the darkest tunnel known to Baseball fans… the Off Season. As we get closer to ...

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Fan Blog: A Canadian Touch by Andrew Hendriks


Written by: Andrew Hendriks (@77hendriks) I, like many Baseball fans, remember where I was on the last night of the MLB regular season (2011). Legions of fans tuned in to watch their favorite teams play those ...

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Fan Blog: Blasts from our past by Scott McKague

rob butler

Submitted and Written by: Scott McKague Bell, Alomar, Carter, Steib, Delgado. Every franchise has its hero’s from the past. Toronto’s team may not have been around as long as most, but after 2 World Series ...

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Fan Blog: So many questions by Dan Adams


Submitted & Written by: Dan Adams I still don’t see us winning 90 games this year without any more additions… there’s a lot of question marks with this team and we’d need everything to go ...

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