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Retro Jays Cards: When Mongo Faced Rod Carew

Kusick 1

Craig Kusick, 1980 Topps, #693 Craig Kusick is not ours. Despite what this piece of cardboard may say calling Kusick a Toronto Blue Jay is misleading. Almost his entire legacy in baseball belongs to the ...

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Retro Jays Cards: A Fond Farewell to a Deserted Dome

Skydome 2

SkyDome, 1992 Donruss Triple Play, #1“SkyDome is the world’s most luxurious ballpark.”- 1992. A lot changes in 21 years. The stadium I have come to know is likely gone. I had hoped this time would ...

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Retro Jays Cards: Mystery of the Singing Relief Pitcher


Let’s solve a little mystery. It revolves around this 1984 Fleer card of Roy Lee Jackson, with his arms awkwardly clasped behind his back, apparently singing the national anthem. But maybe we should back up ...

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Retro Jays Cards: The John Olerud Experience


Ok, this one is just weird. Baseball cards have a long history of using portraiture and artwork for imagery. The earliest cards found in packs of tobacco were, obviously, artist renderings of players and even ...

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Retro Jays Cards: Ed Sprague’s Olympic Moment


The Olympics are underway, but for the first time in nearly 30 years there will be no baseball to be found.

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Retro Jays Cards: Cash, Cheque or Carter?


Joe Carter (Gold Parallel), 1995 Studio, #14 of 50 The mid to late 90’s were kind of the glory years for weird, ugly and downright confusing baseball cards. Interest in card collecting was falling coming ...

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