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Jays Listed: My Top 10 Blue Jays Memories


Every Jays fan has their own memories of the team. What those memories are of likely depends how old you are and how long you’ve been following the team. If you’ve been a fan since ...

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Jays Listed : Top 10 Jays who got away


Every team has at least one player that they gave away or gave up on too soon. Detroit has John Smoltz, the Red Sox Jeff Bagwell and Minnesota David Ortiz just to name a few. ...

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Jays Listed: Top 10 Seasons – Pitchers


Picking the top seasons for a Jays hitter was so fun and went over so well I decided to repeat the same exercise with pitcher. If you’ve never done it before comparing pitchers seasons is ...

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Jays Listed: Top 10 Seasons


The Blue Jays have had some talented hitters in their 35 seasons...

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